Better than comparing text, 1A3i’s "COMPARE" software allows you to compare 2D design drawings. Of course, they almost always contain text that indicates the title, the caption, the author, the date of realization, the quotations, the name and the definition of the elements constituting the drawing etc. Thus, the "COMPARE" software of 1A3i is also able to compare the texts. They are part of the important information that may change from one version of the drawing to another version.

When comparing design drawings, 1A3i’s "COMPARE" software highlights all differences, including differences in the texts appearing on the design drawing. Depending on the expected result, it is even possible to ignore or take into account the font used. You can ignore text differences (such as drawing differences) or on the contrary validate and comment on them: the difference report will be automatically generated by 1A3i’s "COMPARE" software.

Image: 1A3i_Intelligent_Comparison.avif

Comparing CAD files with 1A3i’s "COMPARE" software is fast and comprehensive: not only do you save time, but you also gain reliability.

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Comparison is also possible with other file types: